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Mike Maierle founded ETRO Construction to create something new in the industry; an intimate, family oriented experience and a collaborative, relationship-first approach to projects.

With over 17 years experience in the construction industry, Mike’s experience and leadership has been expressed across international landmark projects totalling over $900M. He’s dedicated to crafting unparalleled client experiences across all his work, and as the Principal at ETRO, is leading the team to be a group of self directed, passionate collaborators and experts who make safety, quality and having fun in their work their ultimate commitment.



Construction MANAGER

With a two year project in the Bahamas under Mike and Dan’s belt as working partners, and because mentorship and a sense of family matter, Dan was a natural fit to the ETRO team when he came on board in 2016.

Dan’s industry experience runs deep, helping his father in his general contracting company since elementary school. He’s armed with a Civil Engineering Degree from the University of Saskatchewan, with his skills and experience nurtured in notable construction and development companies. Passionate about building meaningful relationships every day, Dan brings his dedication to doing great work and love for his job (and his unapologetic pride in being from Saskatchewan) into every day, every interaction and every project he oversees.




Leading with her passion for the construction industry, Corinne has been an essential element in keeping ETRO the well oiled machine it is since early 2016.

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and expertise spanning Project Accounting to Contract Management and beyond, her skillset alone gives ETRO a leading edge. After a short foray into the Security industry in 2014, Corinne realized something was missing and realized her deep love for and dedication to the construction industry. It’s that love that sets her apart and inspires her to create exceptional experiences for and relationships with every team member, vendor, client and subcontractor in the ETRO family.


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