MUJI Richmond Grand Opening

Completing Our Second MUJI Project

Another successful completion of a custom build-out for MUJI here in Vancouver! The 6400 sq store located at Richmond Center received its Final Occupancy Permit from the City of Richmond on April 11th, beating our forecasted scheduled occupancy date by a day. Complemented by a team of on-time and on-budget subtrades, ETRO delivered the finishing carpentry, with the 350 sqft reclaimed wood wall we installed considered one of the architectural ‘show pieces’ of the design. We’re incredibly thankful to everyone on our awesome crew who brought this project to completion, and to be gearing up for more work with the MUJI Canada team, starting with an expansion to the Metrotown store in July 2018, with more in the queue for 2019.



Construction Kick-Off Update

What's Next: Woodstock Townhomes and The Columbia

We’re kicking off two new sites in Vancouver: Woodstock Townhomes and The Columbia.

Woodstock is a 15-unit high-end townhouse development featuring luxury kitchens imported from Italy along with roof top patios to take in the city views. Located between Woodstock and 41st Avenue, just off of Cambie Street in Vancouver, the project will be led by Brad and Sean, who are also building the relationship with our client: Nexst Properties.

The Columbia_Exterior (2).jpg

The Columbia is a 51-unit rental condo unit building we’re completing for STRAND Development. Located at King Edward Avenue and Columbia Street in Vancouver, this project will have one level of underground parking with 4 storeys of wood frame construction above grade. Dan and Niru are leading this project from the office and site will mobilize in late May. ETRO is already in discussions with STRAND to take on a second project towards the end of the year.



From the Field

Construction Safety Week

May 7th to 11th is Construction Safety Week. Every day, we walk onto our construction sites with one goal in mind - get the job done safely. It’s our responsibility to ourselves, to our team members, and to our friends and families at home, and it’s what drives our decision making and sets us apart as leaders in the industry; never backing down from doing what’s right and safe. Let’s take the week to celebrate our continued commitment to safety, and take the opportunity to flex our safety muscles!



What's Happening

Welcome to the ETRO Family!

Sending a warm welcome to Leo Rodriguez (carpenter), Luka Podolsak (carpenter), and Alan MacMillan (senior superintendent) - excited to have you in the ETRO family!

Let's Celebrate!

Congratulations to Hrvoje Pavic for reaching his 2 year anniversary with ETRO! Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work!

And, sending birthday wishes to Richie Devito on the 17th of May!

Soccer Report

ETRO Construction FC is 4 games into the Spring season. The team is still figuring out how to play to their strengths, but their team bonding and spirit is strong!

Get the full report below!



ETRO Construction FC

Round 3 vs VPT Gamblers


It was a classic tale of two halves. First half VPT was the dominant, structured and faster team, scoring five goals and allowing one. Second half VPT was the stronger, smarter and just simply better team that scored another 5 goals and allowed only one goal again.

It was a beautiful Burnaby night and all the signs were pointing to a great soccer match in the old 8 rinks arena. Fans were filling up the stands and you could feel the excitement in the air that only a derby game can produce. Boy were we wrong...

This game stopped being a close game right after the whistle to begin the match. ETRO FC sent out their best squad. Brad Janzen in net. “The great wall of ETRO”, aka the defense was loaded with world class defenders: Sean Postle and Jason Short. Midfield was made up of veteran professionals: Zac Macdonald and Jeff Laing. One forward, lone wolf... Marko Djokic, aka “The Serbian Rocket”.

2 minutes into the game and ETRO was down 2 goals to nothing. Manager tried everything! From yelling, to cursing, to throwing things at players...nothing worked. ETRO FC even tried putting some of their wild cards in from the bench but neither Dan or Jamel could solve the riddle called “how to score on VPT”. As the half moved on ETRO kept pressing more and more forward and unlike their name “Gamblers”, VPT waited for their opportunities, taking no risk at all, and scored even more. 2 European gems that started the game on the bench, Ash and Herv, didn’t do much, even though, fans thought they could be the answer. It is hard to imagine that two soccer players from England and Croatia, respectively, could be so bad at playing the sport their countries are famous for.

End of the half brought us the highlight of the night as far as ETRO is concerned. Long ball up the field, an unarticulated jump by the pillar of the defense, Sean, clear foul on the goalie that the ref
did not see because he was updating his Instagram and GOAL!!!! 1:5 and a deserved trip to the bench for some much needed rest.

This was a special night for ETRO FC - on the bench we had none other than, Mike Maierle, owner and GM of ETRO FC. His halftime message to the boys was quite clear: “If you play worse in the second half than the first at least 3 guys will be red!” Message received loud and clear!!!

Second half was all business by the boys in black. Herv went in net, because let's face it, he can’t do much worse than Brad and vice versa. Some guys took their game to another level and... another 1:5 half with Marko netting the lone goal for ETRO FC. No one is getting red this week...

Postgame interviews gave us some useful insight and glimpses of hope for what’s to come in the following weeks.

“All we need is for some guys to start showing up every game and some guys not to show up every game and we can turn this thing around.”
“In five weeks we will play a lot better than tonight and if our opponent doesn’t show up we might just get a couple of points.”
“Mark my words we will make the playoffs and then anything is possible!”

Those are just a few thoughts from the players from the locker room while the impressions of the game were still fresh in their minds. It is probably worth mentioning that everyone makes the playoffs...

Everyone is encouraged to come by and participate in team building. You might not see great soccer, or ETRO FC win an actual game, but you will have a good time and laugh a lot.



What's Coming Up

Indoor Soccer

Come watch the ETRO Construction FC play at 8 Rinks in Burnaby. If you’re keen to join the team contact Herv.
‚ Wed, May 2 @ 8:30
‚ Tue, May 8 @ 8:30
‚ Wed, May 16 @ 8:30
‚ Wed, May 23 @ 9:30
‚ Mon, May 28 @ 9:30

Hats Off Day

(Saturday, June 2, 2018)

Bring your family out to visit the ETRO tent. There will be fun activities for the kids and a Parade at 9:30am starting from Beta Avenue. More info to come.

Mike Maierle