Let’s Talk About Technology
Procore Industry Breakfast


On July 17th, Procore Technologies brought together the construction and general contracting community for an industry breakfast where the panel—including ETRO Principal Mike—created a dynamic, insightful and engaging conversation about technology in the construction industry. The panel saw the future of construction as a mix of new technology and new values. Mike noted, “the industry has come some way in the last five years. We have BIM, cross laminated timber and Passive House to a far greater extent than before.” It was an awesome experience to see industry leaders sharing openly and honestly, and creating the opportunity to learn from one another in service of seeing the whole industry grow and evolve. Something to expect around tech at ETRO: in the coming months, we’ll be focusing our attention on technological innovation to increase productivity and drive affordability in the construction sector. More info and insight coming soon!



From the Field
New Occupational Health & Safety Lead


With all the growth we’ve been doing, we’ve seen the need to invest in our committment to safety. To help us bring safety into every site, every day, and to empower our teams with experienced leadership in the Occupational Health & Safety space, we’re proud to announce Jeff Laing’s new role as the Occupational Health & Safety Lead.

Jeff joined ETRO this spring, and since being hired has taken initiative in implementing systems and procedures to bring site safety up to par with both ETRO and regulatory standards. With 6 years in the industry, Jeff has refined his skills and leadership in making processes, expectations, and policies accessible, understandable, and consistent across job sites and entire organizations. An approachable resource and wealth of knowledge, he’s ETRO’s go-to for all things safety related, and empowered to implement and enforce safety standards across all our sites - including the head office.

While he’s dedicated to the First West site until mid-September, he’s just a phone call away for any questions, comments, inquiries or otherwise regarding health & occupational safety on any site, any time. 



FIFA World Cup 2018
Croatia Falls to the French and Italians

The Sad Italian (Donny) takes the ETRO World Cup! It was a nail biting fight to the end with The Sad Italian winning out by just 1 point over Capt’n Croatia and Dara. A heart wrenching loss for our Capt’n, his boys couldn’t deliver the result needed to take the ETRO World Cup and the prestigious FIFA World Cup trophy. The beautiful game of soccer even got Dan into the spirit of the game as he rallied behind his fellow ETRO crew, sporting his red and white checkers.

We’ll see if the Croats can redeem themselves in 2022! Until then, enjoy your reign as the ETRO World Cup Champion, Donny!



What’s Happening

Let’s Celebrate!

Our Director of Construction, Dan, celebrates 2 years with ETRO on the 2nd, and Viktor Floercke celebrates 1 year with ETRO on the 28th! Congrats, Dan + Viktor - and THANK YOU for all your hard work!
It’s a birthday filled month: Sean Postle (AUG 14), Tony Pasqualini (AUG 16), birthday twins Jamel Kuber and Maryam Malekpour (AUG 24), and Pako Hung (AUG 28)! Happy Birthday everyone!


Please Welcome

Kyle Gallagher joined us as Project Coordinator on July 16 on the Woodstock Townhomes team. Welcome, Kyle!


Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Simon Clarke is leaving us for a bigger and better life in Leduc, Alberta. Simon has been with us for over 2 years, and we wish him well in this next chapter of his life!

Mike Maierle